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ATTN: Everyone who is ready to quit smoking easily!
    OR Elimiate fears, Get Motivated, Self-Improvement

Do you subscribe to any of the following beliefs about smoking?

                    ✓ I just need one cigarette to take the edge off these cravings.
                    ✓ I’ve tried patches, everything and nothing seems to work (or last)
                    I blew it. I smoked a cigarette. I might as well go ahead and finish the pack.
                    ✓ I can’t deal with never being able to have another cigarette for the
                           rest of my life.

                    ✓ I am too grumpy without my cigarettes. I am doing my friends and family
                            a favor by smoking.

                    ✓I’ve been smoking for so long; quitting won’t make a difference now
                    ✓ It’s too hard to quit smoking. I can’t do this.

We have heard all of these before.

If you’ve experienced the pain of feeling like you don’t have any control and
     you think you have to live this way by default, know there is hope!

        Imagine it being easy to . . .

            ✮Stop smoking without effort beyond your  willpower
            ✮ Be full of energy and ready for anything
            ✮ Be ready to enjoy smoke-free environments
Just think about freeing up all the time, money and energy that you’ve spent smoking.
     Remember how you felt about yourself as you smoked? You can now live the
      life you want - the way you want it!

    What Should I Do Next?

  Call us and schedule your appointment to Easily Stop Smoking
     Now,  or  for Weight Loss(!)or other things from fears to nailbiting!

Fill out the questionnaire, call Charles Crenshaw - 317-525-6539. 
                           5038 E 56th St, Indianapolis 46216
     You don’t have to wait, you can BE a non-smoker for the rest of your life.

     What’s different about Charles Crenshaw & Easily Stop Smoking Now?

    He has been helping people with their challenges for almost 30 years. During that time he has
    recognized that the body/mind connection is more than  just talk. It is. As a consulting
    hypnotist, and master NLP practitioner, he has integrated the best of the best to help people
    live a happy, healthy life. Contact us about other things you want help with also.

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